Prison reform yes, but not less punishment for those who sell drugs near Nebraska schools 

I believe at times in America we send too many souls to prison. I also have a heart for those behind bars. Currently I am pen pals with two inmates. 

   I believe folks who do non violent crimes should be put in work programs in which they can pay back the folks their crimes hurt.

  However those who sell drugs near schools I don’t put into that camp. Those who sell drugs close to our children, or even to our children belong behind bars.

There is a move going on here in Nebraska to not give mandatory minimum sentences to people convicted of selling drugs. Even anti-tax activist Grover Norquist and former House Speaker Newt Gingrich has endorsed the bill before Nebraska State Senators. 

  However as was pointed out by a  Omaha newspaper  we are not talking about those just using drugs.We are talking about big drug crimes which put our children at risk. As the paper reported. “The issue here isn’t whether Nebraska is sentencing simple drug users to mandatory minimum prison terms. As State Sen. Steve Halloran of Hastings said: “We’re not dealing with minor drug offenses, we’re talking about major drug crimes.”

The leaders of Nebraska should not listen Grover and Newt.Prison reform yes,but not for those doing big drug crimes which have hurt families in our state, and nation. 

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