Condom-crafted prom outfits on display to promote not safe sex but sinful/risking sex 

Here is a story from my local paper about a business here in Omaha, Nebraska that is pushing condom use in time for the proms. This kind of stuff makes me sick. 

  Condoms are not 100% safe. There have been folks who have used condoms, and ended up with a sexual sickness. Condoms even if they keep your body safe they can not keep your mind, heart, and soul safe from remembering what you did.

  Why is it we believe young people can reject doing drugs, and drinking, but when it comes to sex they can not control themselves. Those who believe that must not have much faith in today’s youth. Why is it we do not teach young folks safe drug use, and safe drinking. After all we know they are going to do it, no matter what we tell them. When it comes to sex we do teach them safe sex, but it is not really safe. Young people are being hurt thanks to those who are pushing sex. 

God help them. 

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