I am troubled by getting Ashes while in your car on Ash Wednesday 

Now I am no longer part of a faith tradition which gives out Ashes on Ash Wednesday. However yesterday something I read and saw on the news troubled me. It was spiritual leaders giving Ashes to folks while they remained in their cars. Ashes in your cars might be ok for older folks, and folks who have problems walking in a church. I think when the church doors are opened for something your faith tradition takes part in, most of us should go and sit our butts in a pew.

  I am glad anytime people of faith take their spiritual views into their community. I also don’t believe the Bible teaches going to church makes one right with God. I had a pastor who said going to church doesn’t make you a Christian anymore than going to Burger King makes you a whopper. 

 Too often today churches decide to do things based on what the customers want. Yes churches should do what they can to reach people in this world. At the same time we need to teach young believers, and even those who are not believers being a disciple of Jesus does cost. I wonder what believers in nations where they can be killed for being a follower of Jesus, or for worshipping the King of kings feels about just going to a drive through to get ashes,like you were ordering a whopper. 

Yes we are saved by grace, through faith.However where possible we are called to be part of a local church body for encouragement, having the word taught, and yes discipline. 

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