People of faith who are against President Trump’s plan to vent folks coming to America, need to do some soul searching 

Billy thoughts – Here is a word from Rev. Franklin Graham on  President Trump’s desire to vent folks trying to get into America. I for one am tired of followers of Jesus who are getting upset over President Trump’s plan to keep us safe. Will it work. I don’t know, but at least he is doing something. Where were these people of faith when President Obama was trying to keep people out of our nation. Where were these followers of Christ when our brothers, and sisters in the Lord were being mistreated in Iraq. If folks have a heart for followers of Islam, good move to places like Iran. Don’t try to apply or force a Bible principal  that was ment for believers on the USA government. 

 Also what if one of these folks is allowed into our nation and commits another 911. What will people of faith who helped get him into our nation say to America. My faith in Jesus compelled me to help get this killer into America. What kind of witness would that be. That would turn folks here in America off to the good news. Please read what Rev. Franklin posted at the above link. 

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