Girls write on another child’s forehead and you won’t believe the punishment they were given 

Family wants apologies after students hold down Council Bluffs girl, write ‘loser’ on her forehead ) 
Two girls in Iowa held down another child on a school bus. They wrote loser’ on her forehead. The report from the link above says the two were kicked off of the bus. Sit down for this. They were kicked off the bus for a day. That is an outrage. It use to be discipline was much worse. You could even face some licks with the paddle, or be kicked out of school. Then when you got home you got another ( worst ) whipping from your parents. 

  The school if it hasn’t needs to take strong action against these girls.We can not allow children to treat others the way they have treated this little girl. What they did to her was evil. The school along with their parents need to take strong action. 

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