The scouts should have seen this coming

heard, the Cub Scouts have been under pressure for refusing to allow an eight-year-old girl, who identifies as a boy, to join Cub Scout Pack 87 in New Jersey. This latest controversy illustrates how LGBT activists have been successful in picking off various groups and institutions.
Jodi Maldonado now goes by the name Joe Maldonado and wants to be in the Cub Scouts in order to go on camping trips and be with the other boys. A scout spokesperson explained that it made sense for them to defer to the information provided on an individual’s birth certificate and biological sex. Jodi, now Joe, was asked about this and said: “How dare they judge me? I don’t have to explain it. It’s the way I’m born.” Perhaps an eight-year-old doesn’t see the irony of that statement.
Earlier this week, the Boy Scouts said they would allow a child in its programs based upon the gender listed on the application. I guess we shouldn’t be surprised since the Boy Scout leadership voted nearly four years ago to allow openly homosexual young people to participate. They were able to hold out much longer than many other groups by pointing to their belief that homosexual activity was inconsistent with the spirit of scouting.

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