Barron Trump should be off limits (there should be no debating this ) 

Let’s go ahead and agree that Barron Trump should be off-limits.
He’s a 10-year-old child and, unlike President Donald Trump’s other offspring, highly unlikely to advise his dad on financial or political matters. He hasn’t behaved in a way that invites judgment or rebuke. He asked for none of this.

We’re not off to a bang-up start. “Modern Family” actress Julie Bowen is catching heat for a series of tweets poking fun at his inauguration demeanor. “Saturday Night Live” writer Katie Rich, a Chicago native, tweeted a tasteless (now deleted) joke about Barron becoming the nation’s first “homeschool shooter.”

Chelsea Clinton, the subject of terrible taunts during her White House stint, hopped on Twitter over the weekend to call foul. “Barron Trump deserves the chance every child does — to be a kid,” she wrote.

( Billy’s thoughts – For the record some on the left don’t know their facts. The Trump’s son is not homeschooled, but he attends a private school. A few on the left are showing their true colors in how they are treating 10 year ago old Barron. Read the rest of the above column. )

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