Facebook posting on watching Trump, and Obama ( a word to those who are boycotting it ) 

Here is something I posted on a friend’s Facebook page. She posted she watches the President of the USA get sworn in to office every four years. She wrote she watched Obama get sworn even though she didn’t agree with his politics.

Here is what I wrote in reply to her post…..

  ” I watch it too every four years. What a witness how we peacefully hand over power. I think it is a disgrace that some so called leaders are boycotting it. No matter who you voted for we all support Trump. We should pray for him. Besides we are commanded to that in the Bible. I heard on the radio there is some church who is going to pray for Trump. When they do pray for him, they are not going to name him. They are afraid to hurt those who did not support him. That is not praying for him from the heart. That is giving lip service to prayer”.Thanks.

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