Bill in Nebraska would give teachers in the schools more rights in discipline ( I would add daycare teachers to this bill ) 

LINCOLN — Three years ago, veteran North Platte physical education teacher Mark Woodhead nearly lost his job over how he handled a disruptive third-grader.
He kept his position only through strong community support and a 4-2 vote by the North Platte school board.
But State Sen. Mike Groene of North Platte doesn’t believe Woodhead or other teachers should be threatened with firing for trying to maintain discipline in their classrooms.
He introduced a proposal Wednesday that seeks to protect teachers and school administrators who are dealing with violent or unruly students.
“We’ve got to support the teachers so they can have control of the classroom,” Groene said. “I hear from teachers all the time now that students have no boundaries.”
Legislative Bill 595 would allow teachers or administrators to use physical force or physical restraint to subdue violent students. Teachers or administrators could use physical restraint on students who are damaging school property.
( Billy’s thoughts – Read the rest of the above story. I think this bill is good. Too many kids are not out of control. That is hurting our schools, and the good kids. Teachers can not teach. The only thing I would add to this bill is something for daycare teachers.  As somebody who used to work in a daycare , I know first hand there are kids who are out of control there too. I have heard of kids who are like in the fourth grade kicking teachers , and nothing being done about it. We know if a teacher kicked a kid, that teacher not only would be out of job, but also arrested. So I say give teachers in the schools more rights, and give daycare teachers more rights too. ) 

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  • jonolan  On January 20, 2017 at 1:36 pm

    Prima facie, it sound good, very, very good. The devil will be in both the details and the rulings / court opinions when it’s first tested.

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