Lutherans, Catholics extend gestures of unity for Reformation’s 500th anniversary ( however there are some questions the Catholic Church needs to answer ) 

Lutherans will commemorate the 500th anniversary of the Reformation at an unlikely place in Omaha — a Catholic church.
On Oct. 29, Reformation Sunday, as many as 1,000 Lutherans are expected for the big event, which will be held at St. John’s Catholic Church on the campus of Creighton University.
The church is owned by the Catholic archdiocese, not by the Jesuit order that runs Creighton, and Archbishop George Lucas granted Lutheran leaders’ request to use it.
“It’s a profound and very warm extension of Christian hospitality,” said the Rev. H. Ashley Hall, a Lutheran pastor working on the event. “It’s a spirit-filled moment.”
In planning for the commemoration, Hall said, Lutherans in Nebraska and western Iowa realized they didn’t have a church large enough to accommodate the expected attendance.
That as many as a thousand Lutherans will rise and sing Martin Luther’s stirring “A Mighty Fortress Is Our God” in a Catholic church on the 500th anniversary of the Reformation may seem surprising or even jarring to some — but to others, it may be a great example of ecumenism and reconciliation.
Hall said Lutheran planners are calling the event at St. John’s a commemoration rather than a celebration. It is important, he said, to present it “not in a triumphalistic way.”
( Read the rest of this story. I have many friends, and love ones who are still part of the Catholic Church. I have a lot respect for the teaching of that church on life. At the same time the folks in the above story need  to preach it is because of grace not  good works, membership in the Catholic Church , or any church which makes  one right with God. Grace is what God has done by the way of Jesus. If a church could make right with God, Jesus going to the cross was a waste of time. The only way we can respond to God’s grace is to repent of our sins, and put our faith in Jesus. There are some questions to ask Catholic leaders today. Do you believe faith alone in Christ saves one, or is it church tradition? Can one know for sure in this life that one is going to heaven in the next life. Is the Bible the word of God, so it can be trusted in all matters even over tradition? ) 

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