2016 reflections/2017 Goals/Prayers 

I thought I would share with all of you what I will be doing today as we come to the end of the year. This has been a tradition of mine for at least the last few years.
   I stay up late doing this. So for that reason chances I will miss church this Sunday New Year’s Day. It won’t be because I am backsliding. It will just be because I am too tired. 

OK now for what I will do to end the year, and bring in the new year. I try to pray in the new year. 

Then I reflect on the old year. I write this all down on my IPad. I think about what happened the last year, good, and bad. Everything from deaths, to births, to new jobs, to leaving old jobs.

   Then I pick out some stuff from the Bible that I want to be part of my life in the new year. Verses I want to get to know. 

           Last of all I make out goals, or prayers. I know the goals will only be completed as God moves. So I also call them prayers. The goals can be anything from excise more, eat better to read through the Bible, go on a missions trip. Pray more for doors to open to witness to others. Be a better witness in my lifestyle, read more books, etc.

I hope this helps. Perhaps you will want to try it this New Year’s Eve 2016, or keep it on the backburner for another day, or another New Year’s Eve.

I pray you have a God filled, Grace filled 2017. 

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