Good for the NFL Charges fans for rejecting higher taxes to keep their team 

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell isn’t saying whether he’s optimistic that San Diego and Oakland can keep their teams, while Indianapolis owner Jim Irsay considers both franchises all but gone.
Dean Spanos of the Chargers and the Raiders’ Mark Davis weren’t talking at the NFL owners meeting Wednesday in the Dallas area. And no new specifics were revealed by Goodell a day after city and county officials in Oakland agreed to open negotiations with an investment group on a $1.3 billion plan for a new stadium.
“As you know, these issues have been going on for an awful long time,” Goodell said. “The challenges of getting stadiums built is something that we’ve worked very hard on. We have not made great progress in Oakland and San Diego. There is not a stadium proposal on the table that we think addresses the long-term issues of the clubs and the communities.”
The Chargers face a Jan. 15 deadline to decide whether to join the Rams in Los Angeles, part of a deal struck almost a year ago when owners agreed to let the Rams leave St. Louis. A Chargers-written ballot measure asking for $1.15 billion in increased hotel taxes to help fund a new downtown stadium was soundly defeated last month.

( Billy’s thoughts – Years ago I was a big Chargers fan. Today I am tired of rich sports teams demanding hard earning tax payers who are paying for overpriced tickets to their games, being forced to pay to build bigger stadiums. Some might say that is the free market. Well it is also the free market that the fans reject paying more in taxes to build the stadiums. To think here in Omaha, Nebraska a guy who is running for mayor is pushing the idea of trying to get an NFL team. I don’t think the Omaha tax payers would like having to deal with stuff like this. Some of us believed we were pushed too far by the NCAA to keep the college baseball championship. We sure don’t want to deal with the over priced NFL. Read the whole story from above here.)

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