Graham Nabity finds role not as a runner, but as a spiritual leader for the Nebraska Huskers

( Billy’s thoughts – Below is part of a story about a young man who has become a spiritual leader for his college football team. Years ago I attended the same church as his family, and even taught one of his brothers in my junior high Sunday School class. I am also friend’s with his dad on Facebook. You can read the full story in the Omaha World Herald, or just click on the link on the button of this post. Thanks. ) 

Graham Nabity assumed the same role each week this season, and Nebraska teammates and even some opponents would gather around to take a knee and share in something beyond the game they’d just played.
Nabity would start the postgame prayer — something he took over a year ago after Ron Brown left the coaching staff — and it wouldn’t be unusual for the Husker I-back to look up afterward and see that a crowd of 20 had turned to 40, or that a gathering of 40 had maybe doubled to 80.
It provided a few minutes for Nabity and others to be thankful for the ability to play the game, for being kept safe, for the travels of the road team. And he always ended the prayer by affirming their Christian beliefs and seeking strength for their walk through life.
“It’s really important for a lot of guys,” Nabity said.
That time also might have helped bring sense to why Nabity became and remained a Husker, when occasionally the former walk-on would wonder what a transfer to a smaller school might bring to his football career.
Nabity can’t go back and change the stats from this season. Or get the playing time that he always held out hope would come but never did.
But the things that Nabity will remember most will be those prayer circles, his spiritual place on the team and the unscripted role that he and others took after the death of Sam Foltz. And even NU coach Mike Riley telling him he appreciated some of the work he was doing.

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