Parents ( school leaders ) should demand that their children obey them and any authority in their lives 

Here is a    great article on why parents should demand their children obey. Read it here.I have found many Godly parents do discipline their kids but not the parents of this world. I have worked with kids for many years and for the most part I have enjoyed working with them. However I am leaving a job I currently have because the grade school kids are so out of control. It was impacting my health. Everyone’s answer  seems to be give the kids more things but not deal with the disrespect. I know of teachers who have kicked, hit and nothing happens to the child. There is a middle school in my city which is having major discipline issues. So what do the leaders in the school do give the kids an extra day off and require the teachers to go to discipline training. It is time for parents, and schools to demand these kids behave. It is time we get back to if you spare the rod you will spoil the child. Not abuse or beat the child but discipline the child. I fear a kid I have worked with  will be on the TV news one day and not for a good reason. 

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