Give thanks to God not our opinions ( a Thanksgiving thought on the Bible ) 

Listen to a thought on the Bible, Or read it below.

Hi: I am Billy David Dickson with a thought on the Bible on this Thanksgiving Day.

The Bible in Philippians 4:6 reads… 

6 do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God.

    Thanksgiving should always be the attitude for the believer in Christ. In our me first culture we have forgotten the need to say thanks. It use to be when you got a birthday gift, or a Christmas gift, or any kind of gift you would not think twice about writing a thank you note. Parents also demanded that their children, and teens wrote thank you cards to those who blessed them with gifts. Sadly that is not the case today.

Years ago in the funny papers there was a comic strip called Shoe. One year there was a talking animal in Shoe who was saying grace. He prayed God thanks for everything but the green beans they are not good for anything. This older animal told him to hold it. 

The mature one then told the younger one we are to give thanks to God not our opinions. 

 You might ask how are we to give thanks to God. Good question. You might do what I do around every Thanksgiving. I write a thank you letter to God in which I note how God has blessed me this last year.

 Most of all we can thank God for sending Jesus to us. Because without him there is no hope.

That is a thought on the Bible. 

Have a blessed Thanksgiving season.

Until next time,

I’m Billy David Dickson 
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