Jewish faith matters to ‘Big Bang’ actress Mayim Bialik

Most “Big Bang Theory” fans know that Sheldon Cooper’s incredibly patient love interest, Dr. Amy Fowler, is played by a real-life neuroscientist.
But it might come as a surprise that Mayim Bialik’s faith goes well beyond worshiping a socially awkward geek.
When she’s not filming the popular CBS sitcom or raising her two sons, the Emmy-nominated actress — first known to TV audiences as star of the 1991-95 sitcom “Blossom” — dedicates much of her time to addressing Jewish causes through her year-old website, GrokNation, and via speaking engagements throughout the country.
Bialik recently talked about bridging the gap between fame and faith.
Q: You haven’t shied from addressing Judaism in your private life. Was that always the case? Were you always this committed?
A: It’s kind of like having blue eyes. It’s not something you can change. Three out of my four grandparents immigrated to this country, so I have an acute sense of my Jewish identity. I’ve journeyed in and out, in terms of observance, just like anyone else would. Right now, it’s the way I’ve chosen to spend my free time, to use my public platform. It’s hard with the demands of being a parent to an 8- and an 11-year-old. I happen to be divorced, so the kids are with their father when I’m working. … They have to share me with this decision to be of service. That’s honestly the hardest part.
Q: Has your religion ever gotten in the way of your career?
A: The wonderful and terrifying thing about the internet is that everyone is allowed to have an opinion. When I’ve spoken of being a Zionist, people have said they are going to boycott “Big Bang.” There are also people who don’t think Jews should be Democrats. I can’t really take on that part of the universe. I try not to tell people what to do or think.

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