Discipline and God are needed in the schools not yoga

At many schools, the third-grader would have landed in the principal’s office.
But in a hardscrabble neighborhood in West Baltimore, the boy who tussled with a classmate one recent morning instead found his way to a quiet room that smelled of lemongrass, where he could breathe and meditate.
The focus at Robert W. Coleman Elementary is not on punishment but on mindfulness — a mantra of daily life at an unusual urban school that has moved away from detention and suspension to something educators hope is more effective.
Here, students are referred to the Mindful Moment Room when they misstep or need calming. In a space decorated with bright curtains, lavender cushions and beanbags, program staff members coax students to explain what happened, to talk about their feelings, to breathe deeply.
The third-grader who scuffled with a classmate broke into tears. Staff member Oriana Copeland held his hand as they talked. There were no harsh words. He came around slowly.

“Inhaling deep,” she guided him. “Exhale and out.”
Mindfulness practices — becoming aware of emotions, staying in the present, using meditative breathing to reduce stress — are part of a schoolwide program at Coleman that has changed student discipline and, more broadly, affected the school’s culture. It is part of a larger effort by the nonprofit Holistic Life Foundation to bring yoga and mindfulness into Baltimore city schools and beyond.

Schools across the country have increasingly embraced yoga and mindfulness practices, but few have done so with the whole-school approach Coleman is using, said Tamar Mendelson, an associate professor at Johns Hopkins University’s Bloomberg School of Public Health.

( Billy’s thoughts – I am all for students being helped to calm down. But there is a place when kids need to be punished and need discipline. It use to be when kids did something bad at school the school leaders punished the child, and then the parents punished the child at home. An argument could be given that too many kids are doing bad things because schools along with too many parents are sparing the rod. Also would government schools be open to Jesus, and the Bible being taught instead of  yoga. The schools are in a mess today, because God , and the Bible have been removed from them. Read the rest of the above story here.)

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