Feminist Double-Standard At Harvard

Harvard University is demanding that all clubs become gender-neutral by 2017, but with one big exception. All-women clubs are exempt from the new rule. All-male clubs will be forced to put women on their roles, which is a dream-come-true of the campus feminists. However, university administration is assuring women’s clubs like the Seneca Organization and the Women in Business club that they will not have accept men.The young men of Harvard are justifiably outraged by this ridiculous double-standard. Several men’s clubs have hired attorneys to fight against it. Meanwhile, women’s clubs like the Crimson Women’s Coalition would not be happy until the rule was implemented against the men but not the women. The Coalition reasoned that unlike men’s clubs, women’s clubs are “safe spaces” for women. One member said “By removing spaces for women, Harvard is making our campus less safe for women.” She went on to say that allowing men into women’s clubs would open the door for the possibility of sexual assault. Harvard University eventually caved to the campus feminists, but they are holding firm against the young men. Men in all-male clubs next year will be punished by being barred from leadership positions and scholarships.

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