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Former Obama backers now back Trump: America is going in the wrong direction 

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Vote repeal to save Nebraska’s death penalty

( Billy’s thoughts – In my home state of Nebraska some of our state leaders took Capital Punishment off the books. However in a few weeks the voters will get the last say. Below are the thoughts of the Omaha World-Herald on the issue. )

Nebraskans are not a bloodthirsty people.

Many who have supported the death penalty for decades feel reservations about the potential, however small, for a mistake.

And there is a salient argument from death penalty opponents that Nebraska hasn’t carried out an execution for nearly 19 years.

It’s important to consider the findings of Creighton University economics professor Ernie Goss that death penalty states pay more for criminal justice, though the difference is debatable.
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Two weeks 

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Don’t forget the Life issue in voting 

Remember when the issue of life mattered to conservatives?Intensely passionate issues like —

• parental consent for minors having abortions

• federal funding for abortion

• the horrors of partial birth abortion

Those were things we cared deeply about – enough to even get arrested over.

The volatile, tawdry election of 2016 has taken our eye off the ball.
Let’s call time out and refocus: One of the presidential candidates is pro-life. The other is most decidedly not. For some scary reading, look up Mrs. Clinton’s position on unrestricted abortion.

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BYU, the Big 12 and the LGBT Movement

Next up, the Big 12. That athletic conference was set to expand, that is, bring in another university to increase member schools’ revenue and enhance the conference’s status. High on the list was Brigham Young University.
Good football program. Excellent academics. Salt Lake City media market. Sounds appealing. But wait. BYU is Mormon. And BYU’s code of conduct actually requires students to live a “chaste and virtuous life.”

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Boy in wheel chair honors the American Flag ( If he can do it all of us should do it. ) 

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Cupich, expected to bring heart of a pastor to new role as cardinal

Less than 20 years ago, Chicago Archbishop Blase Cupich was an Omaha parish priest deciding matters like church renovations and how to cut utility bills.
A week ago, Pope Francis named him a cardinal, placing him among a group of high-ranking clergy who will select the next pope.
In some ways Cupich’s ascent seems remarkable. His appointment as cardinal comes two years after Francis named him archbishop of Chicago, an influential diocese and the country’s third-largest, with 2.2 million Catholics.
But those who know the Omaha native and former grade-school altar boy say he has long displayed the pastoral and merciful approach that reflects the vision Francis has for the church, one that shows its forgiving face rather than an emphasis on rules. Cupich, considered a moderate, is known for a common touch and an open-minded and collaborative leadership style on controversial topics such as same-sex marriage.

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Mrs. Clinton’s view on abortion is extreme. I didn’t write that a doctor did ,after her answer on partial birth abortion.

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It should be a simple/easy choice but not to the American voter ( explain that to me, if you can) 

What if Hillary Clinton steals the election?

In the immediate aftermath of last night’s presidential debate, TV commentators expressed their shock at Donald Trump’s refusal to say that, whatever the results of the elections, he would accept them. But should these commentators have been so shocked? What if the elections really are rigged? What should Trump have said?

To be sure, there were far better ways for Trump to reply to moderator Chris Wallace’s question, satisfying Wallace’s concerns while raising his own concerns (which reflect the concerns of many other Americans).
For example, Trump could have said:
“Absolutely, without question, if the electoral process is fair and legal, I will accept the results, whatever the outcome. And should I lose, which I don’t expect to, I will urge my supporters to accept our loss with dignity.
“But I have a question for you, Chris, and for Hillary and for the American people as well. What if it could be demonstrated in a court of law that the election was rigged? What if there was massive voter fraud? Would it be fair to the American people for me to accept the election results without a fight? Would it be just? If the American people voted to put me into office and the election was stolen from me and from them, what would be the right course of action?
“Chris, what do you think? Hillary, what do you think? And people of America, what do you think?”

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