selective moral outrage from the left 

As I posted Saturday  I don’t condone what Donald Trump said 11 years ago. However it seems like those on the left have    selective outrage . Where were all these folks on the left during the impeachment of President Clinton. Where is there outrage far as teaching kids being taught to have sex if it feels good. Where is there madness far as killing babies. Where is there outrage with folks calling for police officers to be killed. I hope Donald Trump if he has not repented for what he said he will. Everyone in office or seeking office are in my prayers.  Why do some on the left have moral outrage over this and not over the other sinful things taking place in our culture. Could it be the media cares more above this than the voters. Then why do they? Is it because this involves somebody who is on the right looking bad. Pray for Trump, and Clinton. 

  A word to those in GOP who are calling for Trump to drop out of the race. Do you really want Clinton in the White House. By jumping off of the trump train so fast you are helping Clinton. I was not a Trump backer but he is the nominee. There are issues which the average American cares about. America also believes in giving people a second chances just ask Bill Clinton. 

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