My thoughts on Trumps behavior from 11 years ago that has just come out 

I will not defend Trump he was wrong. However I would like those on the left not to defend Clinton. The Clintons have hurt America. Mrs. Clinton would kill babies a second before they were born. She lied about her emails. Bill’s behavior in the White House was an outrage. Those of you on the left do you defend how Bill treated women while in the White House.       Again I don’t defend Trump I just wish others would not defend Clinton. The biggest issues is what kind of judges the next president will name to the courts. Do we want judges who follow the constitution or ones which will make their own laws. The chances are Trump is more likely to give us one kind of judges, and we know what kind of judges we will get from Clinton. The media is all excited about this but this should not be the deciding factor in the election. Both Clinton, and Trump have short comings, and have failed at times in life. The Bible calls it being a sinner. 

Thanks for reading this.Keep praying for the election and put your faith in the King who  can not be voted on. 

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