Some kids are just following the crowd in not standing for the flag 

Editor’s Note: C’yera Sherrod and other Central High cheerleaders knelt during the national anthem at the school’s Sept. 30 football game. Sherrod, 17, said she did it to peacefully protest police violence against blacks, but some have criticized her actions. She wrote this guest essay for The World-Herald.

I never would have thought that sticking up for what I believed in would yield so much attention nationwide. And I’ll never regret what I did.
At last Friday night’s football game, I, along with 13 others – five cheerleaders and eight band members of a variety of races – knelt during the national anthem to protest the socially unjust acts taking place nationwide, specifically police violence against blacks.
This idea came a few weeks after San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick protested the same issues by staying seated during the national anthem before a preseason game.
A few of us cheerleaders knew we wanted to take part in this movement, but we didn’t know when. We discussed it again on Sept. 16 at our home game against North Platte; we even talked about how we were going to tell our parents.

( Read the rest of this piece. Billy’s thoughts – For the most part the police shootings that are being protested have been ruled to be justified. Yes there are bad police officers, but for the most part they are good. This girl and some other young people are just following what some overpay athlete is doing. They are also hurting their schools. They are in uniform. The leaders of these should pass rules that students have to respect the flag. It is one thing to protest, it is another thing to do while you are in uniform of that school. The leaders of these schools should be ashamed. )

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