A man found in death toll 

The funeral service lasted 15 minutes.
Of the 12 mourners, just four were relatives — and rather distant ones at that.
Because none of them had seen or heard from the deceased in so long — more than three decades — few words were said.
Instead, a visiting pastor read from the Book of Psalms and remarked about how unique a situation this was.
“He was a gentleman we didn’t know much about when God took him,” said the Rev. Carl Phillips from Malvern, Iowa. “In death, we find out so much that we wish we would have known.”
As the gatherers bowed their heads for “The Lord’s Prayer,” a gentle breeze blew leaves over the final resting place of a man who had spent most of his adult life lost to his old friends and family. When the 73-year-old man died, no one claimed his body. The county labeled him “abandoned.”
But in death, Dennis Loringer had been found.
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