Rev. Mark A. Burke was called to serve and preach

One of the Rev. Mark A. Burke’s greatest wishes was to be ordained in the ministry. Although he was already a licensed minister, his ordination would allow him to perform the rites of his church.
So on Aug. 7, church members, family, and friends attended Mt. Olive Baptist church to support Burke as he was ordained. He savored the moment, and you could tell by the smile on his face that he was granted his greatest wish.
The next day, Burke died unexpectedly.
“Nothing can fully capture the admiration, high regard and profound sense of loss felt by so many,” said Juvenile Court Judge Vernon Daniels, a close friend since childhood. “His passing was like a death in the family for so many people throughout the city.”
Burke, 49, was an exceptional person with a heart of gold; he loved the Lord and was happiest when sharing the gospel. During his lifetime, he taught Sunday school at Morning Star Baptist Church, Men’s Ministry Bible Instruction and the laymen of New Era.
When Burke’s friend Daniels was about 4, he would pull up a wooden box and a makeshift pulpit, get family and friends together and then preach a sermon that was stunning for a child that age. It was said that so many people visited the family home when he was a youngster because of Daniels’ sermons and his mother’s delicious cooking.
Similarly, when Burke was a young boy, his behaviors led his friends at Morning Star Church to call him “pastor.”
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