Room for hope 

About 4,500 high school and middle school students from at least four area school districts heard from Teri Roberts, who has suffered unimaginable losses. Her daughter, Andrea Kruger, was slain in 2013 in Omaha by Nikko Jenkins as part of his killing spree. A year later, a rare skin bacteria struck Roberts, putting her in a coma for 14 days and culminating in the amputation of her hands and legs.
In the face of such awful events, it would have been understandable for Roberts to surrender to despair. But she did not. She pursued rehabilitation and, with the help of prosthetics, is able to carry out the ordinary tasks of life, including driving. It’s a remarkable example of resolve.
On Friday, Roberts stood on prosthetic legs and spoke to the students of how she has moved forward by drawing on her strength and on her faith. “I had two choices,” she said. “I could give up or I could dig deep and give it everything I had.”
She added: “There’s going to be setbacks and losses in your life. It’s how you deal with those losses that I feel is important.”

( There’s always room for hope )

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