An Evangelical missionary ministry was welcomed to share the good news at the Catholic Youth day in Poland 

Last week in Krakow, Poland, 150 Cru staff members and students (from Poland, Hungary, Croatia, Russia, Slovenia, Moldova, Ukraine, Australia, the United States, and more areas) traveled to World Youth Day, a Catholic youth rally, to share the gospel.
They were invited by Bishop Grzegorz Ryś of Poland to serve with World Youth Day’s International Center for Evangelization.
This connection with World Youth Day developed as the result of a bold student named Joe Losiak who traveled to Poland to share Christ as an exchange student in the 1970s. Joe built a friendship with a priest who invited him to share Cru’s materials, including the Four Spiritual Laws booklet and the “JESUS” film, in summer Catholic youth camps all over Poland.
That connection has continued to today, as Polish Catholic leaders who were influenced by those summer camps remembered the ministry of Cru and invited them to serve at World Youth Day.

As official World Youth Day evangelists, the Cru volunteers had full license to preach the gospel to the 1 million attendees.

( Sharing the Gospel With 1 Million Youth in Poland )

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