Students who do bad things should be punished regardless of race 


students in the Omaha Public Schools continue to sit in detention, face expulsion and get suspended at higher rates than their white and Hispanic classmates, a new report shows.
Over the past three years, the overall number of behavior incidents in the district has remained fairly steady. However, the use of more severe punishments such as long-term suspensions and expulsions are trending downward.
One common denominator remains — a high percentage of discipline incidents involve black students.
The situation has left several school board members frustrated. “This is why our parents are angry. This is why our parents don’t have trust in our district,” board vice president Yolanda Williams said. “For me, this is one of those issues I’m not going to back down from. All of those great things we’re doing are negated when we look at this data.”

( Billy’s thoughts I have read the whole story from above which you can too over at and I didn’t read anything about parents or members of the OPS board being upset because students have bad behavior. I know there are black and white parents who demand their children respect teachers along with rules at school. Let me make it clear I don’t think kids should be punished more because of their race but if a kid breaks a rule they should be punished. Lets not blame race. I work with school age kids in a daycare and I have worked with kids for many years. Today’s  youth at times don’t have respect for adults. At one time kids would never tell an adult no or to shut up. Today it is a different story. If you did show disrepect to an adult when our parents were growing up you got the paddle at school and then you got another spanking at home. Perhaps we should go back to that way. What do you think. ) 

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