12 year old gets lessons from his dad who backs Trump, and his mom who backs Bernie 

Renee Kealey’s “Bernie” yard sign went up first. Then came husband Burch’s sign for Trump.
The front-yard paradox is an example of the political divide inside their midtown Omaha house, where Renee and Burch are often ideological opposites. He’s a 55-year-old accounting professor, a cradle Republican who calls himself a fiscal conservative. She’s a 53-year-old former elementary school teacher, a cradle Democrat who identifies as “socially liberal.”
Neither fits entirely within those labels, but generally that’s how they draw the lines. Burch took their 12-year-old son to see Donald Trump when he came to Omaha May 6. Renee took their son to see President Barack Obama in January and regularly sends $27 contributions to Bernie Sanders’ campaign and has a Bernie sticker on her car — a Subaru, naturally. And when the couple vote, they regularly cancel each other’s votes.

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