Did a policeman go too far in disciplining a student 

A San Antonio school police officer has been put on paid administrative leave after a video of him slamming a 12-year-old girl onto her face surfaced online.
The 33-second video shows Officer Joshua Kehm struggling to restrain a student at Rhodes Middle School.
Kehm lifts the girl off the ground and slams her face-first to the ground, appearing to knock her unconscious for a moment.

( Billy’s thoughts – I know some of you will disagree with me on this and I don’t support what this policeman did if the full report is correct. However as a soul who works with young people it drives me nuts that if a kid hits a teacher too often very little happens to the young person. On the other hand if a teacher or policeman in this case touches a kid there is a big outcry. I love working with kids but some of them including some middle school students do need a taste of the paddle. Read more of the above story and watch a video here. )


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