Anti-Trump Republicans should get behind Ted Cruz, not plot a ruinous third-party candidacy,writes Cal Thomas 

How far are supporters of Donald Trump willing to go? Apparently some would destroy the Republican Party in order to “save” it.
We have heard this kind of talk before: if Republicans lose national elections they will get the message that conservatives are fed-up with their failure to perform as promised and will embrace more conservative policies. Republicans have lost the last two presidential elections and risk losing a third. Maybe it’s time to try another approach. All signs suggest Trump is more a wrecking ball than one who can unite a divided party.
A recent CNN/ORC national poll finds a growing gap between those supporting Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and Trump. Fifty-three percent now favor Clinton while a declining 41% are for Trump. And this is before the political attack ads begin, featuring volumes of Trump sound bites.
With this in mind, establishment Republicans have been conducting a series of private meetings to plan a strategy or strategies (there appear to be more than one) to derail Trump before he can get to the 1,237 delegates needed to capture the nomination. One of those strategies is to find a way to nominate someone else even should Trump get the delegates he needs.

Having changed the rules from 2012 to make it easier for a strong GOP nominee who would be chosen early, party elites are aghast that Trump has taken advantage and now leads in delegates. If they want an alternative, why aren’t they getting behind Ted Cruz instead of talking about changing the rules at the convention, or a possible third party candidate (which columnist George Will favors)?
The answer is they know they can’t control Cruz, either. The GOP establishment is about preserving its own influence, power and position. They are Trump’s co-conspirators in the process of destroying their party.

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