San Francisco School Board OKs Condoms for Middle-Schoolers

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If you are like me you think it is the job of parents to raise their kids. The government and schools should stay out of the way unless there is abuse involved. 
The San Francisco, Cuba government schools I mean the San Francisco , CA. Government schools are going to give condoms out to middle school kids. 
The city’s school board unanimously approved a proposal to give students – ages 11 to 14 – access to condoms . And sit down for this without parental approval.
The decision has divided parents, some of whom say that schools should indeed reinforce the importance of safe sex while others say that should be left up to parents.
One parent Andrea Tantaros said that middle school is simply too early to give children access to condoms. She said the school should instead focus on education, and let parents make the decisions regarding reproductive health.
Harris Faulkner said she’s OK with making condoms accessible to students who may already be sexually active, but she believes a parental permission slip should be a requirement.
“You need to contact me. Let’s talk about how we move forward with that. And if you want to open the cabinet with a bucket [of condoms] in it, I have to sign a permission slip,” Faulkner said. “In the meantime, she’s still my kid, so she may never get that far.”
Those on the left would be outraged if a Bible was given to their kid but it is ok to give condoms to kids of religious parents. 
  If you have children or grandchildren in the San Francisco government schools this just might be another good reason out of many good reasons to remove them from those schools. 
What do you think.
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