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Unhappy with Hillary, Dems may draft Biden

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Pill-taking can be less yucky for kids, study review finds

Many sick kids can’t or won’t swallow pills — and that can make them sicker. But there may be some pretty simple ways to help the medicine go down, a new study says.

Dr. Kathleen Bradford and colleagues at the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill reviewed research on pill-swallowing techniques. Several seemed to help, including flavoured swallowing spray, a special pill cup and just practice with a regular cup and fake pills or candy.

Swallowing medicine is hard for at least 1 in 10 kids, Bradford said. Taste, pill size, fear and discomfort are among the reasons. The result can be missed doses of prescribed medicine and worsening of symptoms it’s meant to treat.


Research is scant; five studies published since 1986 were reviewed. A technique used in two studies started with tiny dummy pills, moving up to regular-sized tablets. Children were taught to sit up straight, place the pill on the tongue and swallow with water.

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Tim Tebow is Joining the Philadelphia Eagles

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boy with Crohns chosen

I just added a new post on my Crohns illness blog. For those of you who are new readers I happen to suffer from that horrible illness. So I have a big heart for people growing up with Crohns.
Here is a link to my posting boy with Crohns chosen as a Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals ambassador

Yesterday’s ( Good Friday ) Posts ( don’t forget Sunday is coming , until next week’s blogging )

Good Friday punishment ( a Bible values story for kids )
A word for Tim Cook and Apple
A minister rejects God
Senator Chambers: Your words are not free speech! ( updated )
Tips on sharing the Good News this Easter
Pope Francis washes the feet of 12 inmates, 1 infant


A Good Friday punishment ( a Bible values story for kids )

Boys and girls Uncle Billy here have you ever thought you were unfairly punished. Well in today’s story we are going back into time. In a time when teachers could punish kids in a painful way if they disobeyed. In our story one boy who didn’t do anything wrong is punished. Listen to it now.
“Drew lets cheat on today’s test,” suggested Timothy Allen as the two 6th graders walked to school.
“Are you nuts my mom is our teacher and she would murder me,” Drew Green answered back.
As soon as they got to school they played outside with their friends. It wasn’t too after they got to school that Mrs. Green came out and rang the school bell. As soon as the bell the boys and girls lined up according to their grades to enter the one room school house.
When Drew and Timothy entered the room they saw Mrs. Green had already passed out the 6th graders history test.
Drew and Timothy along with the other 6th graders as soon as they sat down started working at the test. While the 6th graders did the test Mrs. Green worked with the younger kids.
“Drew how about giving me the answer to number five,” Timothy asked.
“Be quiet before we get into trouble,” Drew told him.
“Well then how about telling me what you got for question 50 ? Timothy asked.
Just then Mrs. Green turned to see the two boys talking while they were working on the test.
Mrs. Green grabbed both boys by the ears.
“You two know my rules about cheating. Now come up with me to my desk.”
She then sat down on a chair and grabbed a switch that she had next to her desk.
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A word for Tim Cook and Apple


A minister rejects God

A Presbyterian minister declares that he doesn’t believe in God, who he says is a figment of one’s imagination. John Shuck — who many question why he’s a minister in the first place — says God isn’t supernatural.

A Closer Look”God is a human product as opposed to special revelation from a divine being,” the PC(USA) minister wrote on an atheist blog called “The Friendly Atheist’s Blog.” The headline of his post reads, “I’m a Presbyterian Minister Who Doesn’t Believe in God,” where he calls himself a “proud minister” of the church.

Even though Shuck says he doesn’t appreciate “being told I’m not truly a Christian,” his heretical statements make such a statement ironic in the eyes of most denominational and non-denominational churches alike.

“God is a symbol of myth-making and not credible as a supernatural being or force,” Shuck alleges. “Jesus may have been an historical figure, but most of what we know about him is in the form of legend.”

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Senator Chambers: Your words are not free speech! ( updated )

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If you are like me I bet you think our elected leaders should respect the men and women in blue. I also bet you don’t think you have freedom of speech if you call for harm to be brought to others.
This news item from my home state of Nebraska. State Sen.
Ernie Chambers’ of Omaha last week equivalent police officers with the terrorist group that beheads and burns its captives alive. That is right Chambers says the police men and women who everyday put their lives on the line for citizens like Mr. Chambers are just like ISIS.
“My ISIS is the police. Nobody from ISIS ever terrorized us as a people as the police do us daily. And they get away with it,” the African-American senator said, using an acronym for the militant group.
Those thoughts were bad enough but Sen. Chambers didn’t stop there he also said..
he didn’t have a gun and wasn’t “a man of violence,” but that if he were, he would use the weapon for protection against the police.”
The Omaha newspaper wrote.”No one, especially such an ardent opponent of the death penalty, should even hint about looking upon someone wearing a badge with a shoot-first-ask-questions-later attitude.” Amen.
Most leaders of respect have called for Chambers to issue a public apology. He says he won’t.
Les Seiler of Hastings, who presided over the committee hearing in which the comments were made, said he didn’t find them alarming.
“I don’t think it was anything other than Ernie being Ernie,” said Seiler, chairman of the Legislature’s Judiciary Committee.

I think he might feel different if his dad, son, daughter, husband, or wife were a police officer.

Mr. Chambers I pray for you every week as the Bible commands me to but if you don’t take back your words I believe it is time for you to leave public office for the good of everyone.

What do you think.

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Tips on sharing the Good News this Easter

Don’t miss opportunities to share the Gospel this Easter