The media reports Obama misled the America public on Obamacare

Two major mainstream news outlets are reporting the White House knew full well – perhaps as far back as three years ago – that millions of Americans wouldn’t be able to keep their existing health insurance under ObamaCare.

Why is the mainstream media suddenly doing stories questioning President Obama’s integrity on ObamaCare?
Reporters received their health plan cancellation notices
Reporters looked at the polls and saw most Americans dislike ObamaCare
Reporters could no longer ignore the multitude of evidence that ObamaCare is a bad law
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Despite being told by their president and other administration officials that under the Affordable Care Act they could keep their existing healthcare plan if they liked it, millions of Americans are now finding out that’s not the case at all. According to NBC News and CBS News, cancellation letters have gone out, or will be going out, from insurance carriers to millions of their policy holders.

NBC reports that according to experts, the Obama administration has known for at least three years that would be the case:
( WH knew millions couldn’t keep health insurance plans )

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