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5th Graders are taught to blame America for 911 attack

Last week, we brought you the story of the shocking terrorism school quiz. A Texas mom was outraged when she discovered a quiz her child had to take based on the school’s 9/11 curriculum. It asked, “Why might the United States be a target for terrorism?”

To her disbelief, the answer seemed to blame the United States. It turns out, the quiz was based on an instructional video aimed at fifth graders. The Five played part of that video which attempts to explain the ‘blame America’ reasoning on today’s show.
( ‘Terrorism Quiz’ Based on a Video to Teach Kids That U.S. Decisions Caused 9/11 Attacks )



Huckabee: If the GOP switches on gay marriage, evangelicals walk

When asked if he believes the Republican Party will change its position and support gay marriage in a Wednesday Newsmax interview, Huckabee remarked, “They might, and if they do, they’re going to lose a large part of their base because evangelicals will take a walk.”…

“And it’s not because there’s an anti-homosexual mood, and nobody’s homophobic that I know of,” he continued, “but many of us, and I consider myself included, base our standards not on the latest Washington Post poll, but on an objective standard, not a subjective standard.”…

“If we have subjective standards, that means that we’re willing to move our standards based on the prevailing whims of culture,” he said. “I think politicians have an obligation to be thermostats, not just thermometers. They’re not simply to reflect the temperature of the room, or the culture, as it were. They’re to set the standards for law, for what’s right, for what’s wrong, understanding that not everybody’s going to agree with it, not everybody’s going to accept it.”
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Chicago School Closings might be a blessing, 3-22-13 commentary
We should grieve and weep for Rob Bell and others who have become a Judas
A United Methodist Church in North Carolina rejects the teachings of the Bible marriage


Chicago School Closings might be a blessing, 3-22-13 commentary

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We should grieve and weep for Rob Bell and others who have become a Judas

When evangelical preachers lose their way and turn their backs on biblical Christianity, why is it they end up in the Episcopal Church?

As a preacher who traveled in the opposite direction and left the Episcopal Church 22 years ago – or I should say the Episcopal Church left me – I think I have a clue.

On March 18, the Huffington Post reported that Rob Bell, the one-time evangelical pastor who rejected the core of Christian faith, has endorsed homosexual marriage. (Related: Bell”s ‘apostasy’ nothing new)

Where was that endorsement made? Surprise, surprise: Grace Cathedral, the Episcopal Cathedral of the Diocese of California. Grace Cathedral is located in San Francisco, the Mecca of homosexuality and all things anti-biblical.
Bell is now living in California, where he’s promoting his book, Love Wins. The book has propelled Bell to a stardom of sorts, even though it rejected a cornerstone of Christian faith — that no salvation is possible except through faith in Jesus Christ. Ultimately, that rejection caused his split with mega-church Mars Hill Bible Church in Grandville, Michigan.

The solid cliff of the Christian gospel that Bell has jumped off is the same cliff that I held fast to when I left the Episcopalian Church. I chose the way of Jesus. Unfortunately, Bell and others have chosen the way of Judas.

“Shock jocks” in the church are not new. They love to make a splash on their way from light to darkness.
Mr. Bell’s pronouncement of the demise of Bible-believing Christianity may be premature. To be sure, statistics back his assertion that many people are rejecting biblical faith. But that only serves to strengthen true believers.
From the beginning, Jesus taught that true believers would always be small in number, but their impact would be inversely proportional to their size.
Therefore those who remain Bible-believing Christians should never panic nor be surprised when we see the weeds revealed. We should not be surprised, but neither should we gloat. Far from it.

It is a tragedy. We should grieve and weep and feel the depth of sorrow for them. May God have mercy on us all.
( More pastors jumping off the rock into the raging waters )

A United Methodist Church in North Carolina rejects the teachings of the Bible marriage

A United Methodist Church in North Carolina is refusing to officiate weddings until Methodist pastors are allowed to perform “wedding” ceremonies for same-gender couples.
As the U.S. Supreme Court is set to consider two key same-sex “marriage” issues next week, the Rev. Kelly Carpenter told on Monday that his 400-member congregation, which includes at least 15 homosexual couples, and its 18-member Leadership Council have long considered the move. And John Lomperis, United Methodist director of The Institute on Religion & Democracy (IRD), explains that of the 1,100 UMC congregations in Western North Carolina, Green Street United Methodist Church in Winston-Salem is the only one that has signed onto the movement to liberalize church teachings. ( NC church proud of its ‘corrupted theology’ )
“We state clearly that homosexual practice is incompatible with Christian teaching and that sexual relations are only affirmed within the covenant of monogamous, heterosexual marriage,” Lomperis notes. “We prohibit our clergy and our congregations from doing same-sex unions.”
( Billy’s thoughts – This church in North Carolina is just one example of what happens when a church rejects the Lordship of God’s Word. Churches should preach, teach, and follow the Bible in all matters. )

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Crazy Justice for the Mentally Ill
A Pope is going to Prison
Jesus or Hitler (who are you most like ) 3-21-13 Bible Commentary
Despite abortion views, Biden, Pelosi receive Communion in Vatican Mass
Just because your child is gay doesn’t change the value on traditional marriage


Crazy Justice for the Mentally Ill

( Listen to a commentary on about helping the Mentally Ill who commit crimes here or read the commentary below. )
In 2005, Andre Thomas was convicted of killing his wife and children. Everyone agrees he did it. What we should do with him is another matter.
What I’m about to describe is definitely not for younger listeners. Older listeners should keep listening, because Thomas’s case raises serious questions about what it means to “do justice.”
As detailed in a recent issue of Mother Jones, after killing his family, Thomas cut out his children’s hearts to ensure “that the demons inside each of them would die.”
Well, if you’re thinking, “Thomas must be crazy,” you haven’t heard anything yet: Thomas actually believed that his wife was Jezebel and his son was the Antichrist.
Now we’re not making light of this. If you wonder whether Thomas “must be faking it,” you should know that when he was ten, he tried to saw off his own arm with a butcher knife. Three weeks before the murder, he tried to commit suicide and ended up in the hospital. A hospital physician noted that, “[Thomas] is psychotic.”
Well, just how psychotic? Reading the Bible in his cell, he came across Matthew 5:29—“If your right eye causes you to sin, gouge it out . . .” — and he did just that.
What psychiatrists call “auto-enucleation” is extremely rare and an almost-certain symptom of severe psychosis.
Despite this and a lot more evidence that Thomas is insane, he was charged with capital murder, convicted and sentenced to death.
Prison officials have no trouble describing Thomas as a “paranoid schizophrenic.” And that’s not surprising, since, while on death row, he gouged out his other eye, and consumed it.
Regardless of your opinion on the death penalty, executing a man who should have been declared insane is not justice, and it does not protect the public. Andre Thomas will never again be a free man.
But mental illness is more than just a sentencing problem. It’s also a crime-prevention problem—as you’ve no doubt heard in the gun-control debate. Too often, when the mentally ill come into contact with the justice system, instead of treating them, we throw them in jail or in prison.
And that solves nothing. Not only do the mentally ill take up scarce prison space that should be reserved for dangerous criminals, when they return to the streets—and they will—they are more likely to pose a danger to society precisely because they won’t have been treated.
That’s why Justice Fellowship, founded by Chuck Colson in 1983, is supporting the Justice and Mental Health Collaboration Act.
The bill sponsor in the House is Republican Rep. Richard Nugent, who served as Sheriff of Hernando County, Florida. Rep. Nugent says “After thirty-seven years in law enforcement, I have seen far too many tragedies result from mental health needs that went either unnoticed, untreated, or misunderstood. This legislation will help give law enforcement the tools and training they need to improve the way that our legal system interacts with individuals suffering from mental health crises.”
The bill has bi-partisan support, and Justice Fellowship would love it if you could support it to. Come to, and we will link you to all the information you’ll need about the Justice and Mental Health Cooperation Act. You’ll also be able to learn more about Justice Fellowship’s work for biblically-based criminal justice reforms.
Folks, this is a vitally important subject. Christians, above all, need to stand up on issues like this. People like Thomas are unable to speak for themselves; we need to speak for them. So please go to and let us know how you feel.

A Pope is going to Prison

Pope Francis, whose spontaneity has already earned him the nickname “the unpredictable Pope”, will break with tradition again when he holds a major ceremony in a prison chapel rather than in St Peter’s.
( Pope Francis breaks the mould again with ceremony at prison instead of St Peter’s )

Jesus or Hitler (who are you most like ) 3-21-13 Bible Commentary

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