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October Baby

This last Friday night I was blessed to attend the movie October Baby. It was shown at my mom’s church. My oldest nephew and my niece went with us.
If you have not seen this movie you should. In fact October Baby is a movie every pro lifer and every soul who wants to see more faith and moral based movies made should run to see.
October Baby tells the story of a college young lady who finds out she survived an abortion when she was born.She retraces her pass including a trip to see who birth mother who tried to kill her. The movie not only has a strong pro life message but it is a story of forgiveness, and how God can help you through whatever trial you may face. Go see the movie. The only thing I did not like about the movie was it tried to be funny when it was not proper.
I am including with this post an audio review of the movie. I give the movie five stars.
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Election Prayer needed, 10-26-12 Commentary
Jerusalem’s Secular Israeli Minority Showing Life
Art’s beauty teaches kids about ugly history
Mom attends daughter’s wedding 4 days after open-heart surgery
How to share Christ with your Mormon friends
Senator George McGovern was a friend to Cal Thomas
President Obama Lies to the Country Again About Non-Existent Planned Parenthood Mammograms

Election Prayer needed, 10-26-12 Commentary

Listen to the commentary

Billy David Dickson All Rights Reserved, 2012
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Jerusalem’s Secular Israeli Minority Showing Life

JERUSALEM (AP) — Hundreds of people packed a Jerusalem community center recently for what many in Jerusalem consider a subversive act: They attended a lecture on Saturday, the Jewish Sabbath.

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The seemingly harmless event, in which the popular Arab-Israeli journalist Sayed Kashua talked about pluralism and tolerance, broke a long-standing ban on holding activities in public buildings on the Jewish day of rest.

That turned Kiryat Yovel, a tranquil neighborhood in west Jerusalem, into the latest battleground in Jerusalem’s protracted culture war between Jewish conservatism and pluralism.
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Art’s beauty teaches kids about ugly history

She paused, first, to listen. Then 11-year-old Marie Powers dipped her paintbrush into blue tempera and dragged a diagonal line across a white canvas.

Across the room sat four men from the Boston Symphony, who earlier had filled this downtown Omaha warehouse with haunting, mournful music. Now they were playing a fast, frightening piece about a tarantula, and Marie and her paintbrush tried to keep up.

It was near the end of a series of lessons on the Holocaust this fall for children from the Boys and Girls Clubs. They had toured a Holocaust photography exhibit at the Strategic Air and Space Museum in Ashland, Neb. They had learned about conditions at the Terezín concentration camp in the former Czechoslovakia. They had made camp scenes with torn construction paper and glue. They had kept journals and asked questions.

Now, on a Tuesday afternoon at Kaneko, the converted warehouse and arts center at 1111 Jones St. named for Omaha sculptor Jun Kaneko, Marie and 35 other children from the clubs in Carter Lake, Council Bluffs and Westside Community Schools were trying to replicate what they had just viewed. The string quartet had played a piece written in the Theresienstadt concentration camp by a composer who later was gassed at Auschwitz. As they played, landscape artist Jim Schantz quickly painted a canvas to mirror the dizzying, melancholic music.

The children watched this unfold, then settled onto blue tarps and, using paper plates for palettes, began to do the same.
“They’re going to learn about the Holocaust throughout their studies,” said Beth Seldin Dotan, who heads the Institute for Holocaust Education in Nebraska, the group that spearheaded this project. “I wanted them to have a personal story.”

Dotan said she wants the Holocaust to become profound, meaningful and “something more than a paragraph in a history book” for the children.
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Mom attends daughter’s wedding 4 days after open-heart surgery

It was news no one wants to hear.

And it couldn’t have come at a worse time for Omahan Ann MacCashland.

A week before her daughter’s wedding, MacCashland learned she needed open-heart surgery.

Could she get out of the hospital in time to watch her daughter walk down the aisle?

She had to.
( Mom attends daughter’s wedding 4 days after open-heart surgery )

How to share Christ with your Mormon friends

CORDOVA, Tenn. (BP) — Mormons are family oriented, clean-cut and prominent in political and economic circles, fervent in their faith and all-around nice folks. In so many ways one could erroneously assume that Mormons represent just one more facet of fervent evangelical Christianity.

Many would like to think that theological differences between Mormons and evangelical Christians aren’t enough to have any real significance. Sadly, they are badly mistaken.

According to Scripture, being nice, family oriented, clean-cut and fervent fulfills none of the requirements to be right before the Lord. Consequently, we can respect Mormons (who call their religion The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints) for much of the way they live, but we also need to accept that their understanding of God, Christ, Scripture and salvation as well as other matters of faith are outside what Scripture teaches.
Here are a few of the highlights of the theological differences between the Mormon belief system and what Southern Baptists and other evangelicals believe, drawing from my book, “How to Share Christ with Your Friends of Another Faith”:

God: Mormons believe that God is the ruler of our planet. He is the ruler of only this particular planet. He acquired that status over the earth over a progression of time. He has a physical body and flesh.

We Southern Baptists believe that the Bible teaches about only One True God (Deuteronomy 6: 4-6). He is not one of many gods. He is one God in three forms: Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

Jesus: Mormons teach that Jesus is God’s firstborn spirit son. Jesus, like God, was a human being but attained his godhead status by living an upright life. His death provides for the physical resurrection of all people. This doesn’t mean that on death everyone will go to heaven, but everyone at some point will have an opportunity to be resurrected.

We Southern Baptists believe the Bible teaches that Jesus has always existed (John 1:1) and is one with the Father (John 10:30). He was born of a virgin in a non-sexual union. He is far above the angels (Hebrews 1), including Satan.
Allow your Mormon friend to explain his or her beliefs. Show genuine interest and respect. Then succinctly share your personal testimony about your own personal faith in Christ. Always mention that your friend can have the same experience.

Whenever your conversation moves toward the theological differences between Mormonism and historic Christianity, explain that these are very serious. Start by noting these differences. Then share with your Mormon friend how he or she can experience true salvation in the Lord Jesus Christ. Remember to explain that Jesus is defined by how He is portrayed in the Bible alone, not by any other book.
( How to share Christ with your Mormon friends )


Senator George McGovern was a friend to Cal Thomas

Former South Dakota Democratic Senator George McGovern, who died Sunday, had all manner of evil said about him because of his opposition to the Vietnam War. He was called unpatriotic, disloyal, an appeaser and an enabler of communism. Those were the printable slanders.
Many conservatives at the time believed in the “domino theory,” that if South Vietnam fell to the communists, all Asia would follow. That proved untrue. McGovern was eventually vindicated in many minds about America’s involvement in Vietnam.
I will remember him for something other than his politics. George McGovern was a friend.
After his Senate re-election defeat in 1980, McGovern and I debated on college campuses and in other venues. These debates were always civil because McGovern was a gentleman. After one debate at Butler University in Indianapolis, a fellow conservative invited me to dinner.
“Thank you,” I said, “but George and I have dinner plans.”
“How can you eat with a man like that?” he said with an equal mix of surprise and disgust.
“Easy,” I said. “He’s a friend of mine.”
This is what is missing from our politics today. If we don’t like a person’s politics, we reflexively dislike the person.
McGovern practiced “family values” better than some conservatives who merely talk about them. Married to Eleanor for 64 years, until her death in 2007, he exemplified the “family man.” Their daughter, Terry, was an alcoholic. When she stumbled out of a Madison, Wis., bar in 1994 and died in the snow, I went to the funeral home and subsequent service. Eleanor hugged me and said, “I’m so glad you came.”
( Billy’s Thoughts – The above is part of a column that Cal Thomas wrote. If you like you can read the whole column right here. )

President Obama Lies to the Country Again About Non-Existent Planned Parenthood Mammograms

During his appearance on Leno this week, President Obama again pushed the lie that Planned Parenthood provides mammograms.

“That organization [Planned Parenthood] provides millions of women with cervical cancer screenings, mammograms.”
The problem? They don’t. Planned Parenthood admitted last week that they do not offer the procedure in their clinics.
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