Obama says Billy Graham is senile for backing Bible based values

A conservative activist and a leader in the pro-family movement is outraged that an Obama backer has suggested that evangelist Billy Graham is senile.

During an interview on CNN, Markel Hutchins, a left-wing pastor and ardent supporter of Barack Obama, was asked what he thought of a full-page newspaper ad from Billy Graham that calls on Americans to defend the nation’s Judeo-Christian values at the ballot box November 6.

“I think one of the things that we know is that Reverend Graham is at a very seasoned and elder stage of his life,” Hutchins stated. “So we’ve got to wonder how much of this is genuinely coming from Billy Graham and how much is being fed to him and propositioned and heaped upon him by those who are around him — for example, his ultra-conservative son, the Reverend Franklin Graham.”

Gary Bauer, chairman of Campaign for Working Families, finds Hutchins’ comments very upsetting.

“President Obama is pro-same-sex marriage, he’s pro-abortion on demand; Mitt Romney is pro-normal marriage and pro-life,” Bauer points out.
Did these souls get upset when Billy Graham was defending President Bill Clinton after his sexual sin when he lied to the American people.
Rev. Graham has met and prayed with presidents no matter what their faith or political views are. At the same time Rev. Graham has said those of us who have a relationship with Jesus Christ must be submitted to the Lordship of God’s word in every part of our lives and that would include how we vote.
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