Homecoming queen prompts cheers, stirs hearts

By the time she heard the public address announcer call her name, it may be that the only person surprised was Allyssa Brubeck herself.

So there she was last Friday night, the new homecoming queen, a 19-year-old with Down syndrome, jumping and jumping under the football stadium lights as the full crowd from Park Hill South High School cheered and cried.

“Everyone in the stands was crying,” said 18-year-old classmate Leah Smith. “Everyone loves her.”

And perhaps the best part of the whole experience, say some of the adults who watched it unfold, is that all those high school teenagers behind the Allyssa-for-Homecoming-Queen phenomenon don’t seem to understand what all the outside attention is about.

They certainly understood Allyssa’s popularity in the school she has attended all four years. Always smiling. Always hugging.

“She deserved to be homecoming queen,” said Sam Boling, 17, who was a runner-up for queen.
“People say our generation is bad, and going downhill,” 15-year-old Dylen Propes said. “But then we pull something off like this.
( Homecoming queen prompts cheers, stirs hearts )


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