Working With a Mormon to Food Those In Need ( Be Careful )

Rising food prices are making it harder for some Americans to make ends meet.

To help, CBN’s Operation Blessing is teaming up with conservative TV and radio host Glenn Beck on a special project to provide food to those in need.
( Beck, Operation Blessing ‘Restoring Love’ with Food )

Eleven semi-trailers delivered food from the Operation Blessings warehouse in Dallas, Texas, to Cowboys Stadium for the Restoring Love Conference.

The highlight of the conference is a national food drive, sponsored by a partnership between Operation Blessing and Beck’s Mercury One.

Jody Gettys, head of U.S. Disaster Relief for Operation Blessing, spoke about the ministries’ involvement in the Restoring Love conference.

“We are so excited to be a part of Restoring Love,” she said. “It’s helping needy families, showing the love of Christ.”
( Billy’s Thoughts – I know some of you may find this hard to believe but I have mixed feelings and questions on this. First off I back anyone who wants to help those in need so that part is good. I also believe followers of Christ should work with whoever they can work with. However when we give food to somebody it is a chance to tell them the good news and Glenn Beck is a Mormon and Mormons don’t follow the Jesus Christ of the Bible so I think we need to be careful when we work with them. We must always stay true to the word of God and just because someone does a good work doesn’t mean they are a follower of Jesus.)

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