Wisconsin pro-life Governor Scott Walker Needs Our Support

Planned Parenthood is part of a campaign to recall Wisconsin pro-life Governor Scott Walker (R) and four pro-life state senators because the abortion chain does not like the work they’ve done to cut their funding.



Barbara Lyons of Wisconsin Right to Life suggests there is no question about Planned Parenthood’s involvement with the Democrat-backed attempt at recall, but she reports that pro-life groups plan to battle against them. Also, she is not surprised that Planned Parenthood has joined the recall effort.

Barbara Lyons (WRtL)“Planned Parenthood CEO Teri Huyck recently penned a letter published in several papers, and it was just an enormous whine on the part of Planned Parenthood,” Lyons accounts. “She is lamenting the fact that since the governor took office and the legislature turned to pro-life leadership, Planned Parenthood has had their funding cut.”  ( Abortion chain wants pro-lifers out of office )

(Billy’s Thoughts>>> It is time for all pro life souls in the state of  Wisconsin and around the nation to rally  around this pro life gov.)

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