Having a Joyful Holiday

Here is a video sermon I did yesterday on how to have a joyful holiday. The writen transcript is below the video.



I have some ideas and thoughts which I might share but best place to find out about having a joyful holiday is God’s word the Bible. Philip 4:10-14

A.   Make it about God, Jesus and faith. We get in trouble when we take  our focus off of Jesus. Heb. 12:2 tells us to fix our eyes on him. Those of us who are followers of Jesus know what Christmas is about honoring the fact that God sent his son Jesus to be  with us. Spend time reading the true Christmas story from the Bible.  Go to candle light service. Attend a Christmas Eve, and or Christmas Day service.

B.   Content: Today I think one of the reasons people get burned out during   after Christmas is they try to buy the love of others if it be children or grandchildren . They spend money they don’t have  and get things they can’t afford. Cut back this year. I don’t have a problem  with buying a few things. However  I think we are spoiling our children here in America. Explain to your children and grandchildren that you think you need to cut back this year. Also get creative give  gifts  you make or things like  a card which says they get to spend the whole day with you.

 You and your family help those who are less blessed than you. This can be in a dollar amount and or volunteering.  It might be taking your children to a soup kitchen to serve, to a nursing home, ringing bells for the salvation army. You will not only bless others but God will bless you.

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