Why I Admire A Killer who was Put to Death (Updated)

This last Sunday  I posted a new video on my You Tube Channel. Take some time to watch it   – Why I Admire A Killer who was Put to Death (September 13, 2009)  and post what you think.

Below is the written transcript from that video.

Today I want talk about  a man who lived on death row  before he was  executed who I admire. So he was Jesus no. Well he must have had true repentance and  remose for what he did. He  did not.

First let me back up. I have for a number of years been writing letters to those behind bars and living on death row.

A number of years ago my home state of Nebraska was about to have it’s first execution  in along time and the first one of my lifetime. A man named WiliOtey was going to be put to death. He had murdered a lady named JaneMcManus. I was very pro capital punishment at the time today I struggle with it. However after debating some people on it back then the Lord spoke to me in my heart if Walking  Wili Otey was executed do you know where he is going heaven or hell.

So I wrote him a letter asking him what he thought of Jesus  and shared the good news of Jesus with him. In fact I wrote him  three/four letters before he was put to death. He wrote me back a few times basic telling me to save my stamps and that he wanted nothing to do with God. I admire that let me explain. But first let me read from the Bible . Matthew 7:21-23.

This man WiliOtey  admitted right off he didn’t know God or wanted nothing to do with Jesus. Today people act like they are right with God when they are playing games with God.  because they go to church, or live a good moral life. Different polls have said the majority of Americans are followers of Christ. If that is the case why does America have the crime it has. Why is there so much immortalty    from drugs. Why do we have the breakdown of the family like we do. I believe many people have had some kind of experience with God but have not become a true followers of Jesus. Again I am not teaching if you do so many good works like go to church , live a good moral life that will make you right with the Lord. Eph 2:8-9 tells us it is only by the grace of God through faith in Christ one becomes a true follower of Jesus.

To become a true follower of Jesus one has to admit

  1. Romans 3:23 applies to you. You are a sinner and have missed God’s mark.
  2. Jesus died for you.  Romans 5:8
  3. Jesus death, burry,   and  resurrection  paid for it all.
  4. You must receive Jesus

  I am sorry WiliOtey   far as I know never got right with God but what about you?  It doesn’t matter   if you go to church every week, live a good life what matters is  have you received Jesus  Christ.

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