Facebook users look deep for beliefs box

For the longest time, the question just sat there on his screen. Cursor blinking. Waiting quietly, like a patient priest in a confessor’s box.

Religious Views: _________.

Creating a Facebook profile for the first time, Eric Heim hadn’t expected something so serious. He had whipped through the social network Web site’s questionnaire about his interests, typing witty replies wherever possible. But when he reached the little blank box asking for his core beliefs, it stopped him short.

“It’s Facebook. The whole point is to keep it light and playful, you know?” said Heim, 27, a college student from Dumfries, Va. “But a question like that kind of makes you think.”

Of its 250 million users worldwide, Facebook says, more than 150 million people choose to write something in the religious views box.

Millions have plumbed their innermost thoughts, struggling to sum up their beliefs in roughly 10 words or less. For many, it has led to age-old questions about purpose, the existence of the divine and the meaning of life.

Some emerge from the experience with serious answers. George Mason University student Travis Hammill, 19, spent several days distilling his beliefs into this sentence: “Love God, Love Others, Change the World.”

Others try to deflect the question with humor.

“Pastafarian,” typed Maddy Gillis, 20, of Kensington, Md., invoking a popular pseudo-religion that venerates a “Flying Spaghetti Monster.”

A good many, however, tread the fine line between wit and truth: “Agnostic, but accepting offers.” “I barely believe I exist.”

(I love that Facebook asks a question about what is your faith. Those of us who are followers of Jesus are told in the word of God never to be ashamed of our faith and that God rather we be cold than be not sure about our faith. Also souls who aren’t sure about their faith might start thinking about who is their God and what faith do they follow. Read more of the above article  Facebook users look deep for beliefs box.)

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