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Billy is a writer , Bible college student, radio show host, and youth worker. He has worked with young people for over ten years. His work includes teaching children youth in Bible studies, and Sunday School classes.
He currently does a radio show everyday at 6:19 E.T. on KCRO radio 660 A.M. in Omaha, Nebraska.

Dad helping to clean up his son ( Bible principal for children )

Hi boys and girls Uncle Billy here. Do you always have a good attitude and say things that are encouraging or do you sometimes have a bad attitude and use words which may put others down. I think at times kids and adults both struggle with having a good attitude. In today’s Bible principal story we are going to hear about a young boy who had an attitude problem which his parents dealt with. Here it is.
“Time to get ready for school boys. Drew and Zacky come down for breakfast,” Mrs. Green yelled.
“Time to get up big brother,” Zacky said as he shook his brother.
“Boy you are so much trouble at times,” Drew lectured his little brother.
“Sorry I just don’t want you to be late in getting some of mom’s good cooking or be late in getting to school,” Zacky explained.
“I guess it is just because you are a little dumb 4th grader that you enjoy school. When you get to be a big kid in 5th grade like me you will see that school isn’t always fun.”
Both boys then got dressed and headed downstairs to have some breakfast.
“Mom what is for breakfast?” Zacky asked.
“Ham and eggs,” she answered.
“I love hams and eggs,” Zack replied.
“Not ham and eggs again. I am sick of them,” Drew spoke up.
“Now Drew your mom works hard to cook you boys and me a nice breakfast every morning,” lectured Mr. Green.
“Whatever,” Drew said under his breath.
Drew knew if he wanted to be able to sit in his seat at school without needing a pillow he had better not say that out loud so his dad could hear him.
( Listen to the rest of this Bible principal story. )


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Houston drops controversial pastor subpoenas

Read the breaking news.

Reject churches who reject God

A Methodist pastor who was disciplined after he officiated at the wedding of his gay son will be allowed to remain an ordained minister.
The Judicial Council of the nation’s second-largest Protestant denomination ruled on Monday that a Pennsylvania church jury was wrong to defrock Frank Schaefer last year after he refused to promise that he would never perform another same-sex wedding.
Since his church trial, Schaefer has become a gay rights activist, galvanizing other Methodists who support full inclusion of gays and lesbians in the church.
Following his hearing before the Judicial Council on Wednesday, Schaefer said he had no regrets for his actions.
( Billy’s thoughts – So let me get this a Pastor refuses to follow the teachings of the Bible and the book of discipline his church follows but gets to keep his job. Don’t you think it might be time for those of us who are submitted to the Lordship of God’s word to leave churches who leaders don’t follow God’s word. How can they call him Lord and not do what he says. Read the rest of the above story right here. )

Dog trained in prison offers solace for girl with disabilities

LINCOLN — Torn McGrath can’t change the past. Not the robbery that ended with a murder. Not the life sentence he is now serving. Not the fact that his home for almost 30 years has been a prison. • He can’t do much about the present. And his future behind bars is fairly well set. • But the 49-year-old inmate discovered he had the ability to alter the path for someone else — most recently, a 7-year-old girl from Maine named Delia.
( The rest of the above story is here. )



Plan: Respond to Ebola crisis, but don’t panic

Read the story.

Mormons undergarment not key issue….

Listen to the commentary right here
or read it below.

Don’t you think when dealing with other world views we should deal with the main things.
The Mormon church is addressing the mystery which has for along time surrounded undergarments worn by faithful Mormons with a new video.
The four-minute video on The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints’ website compares the white, two-piece cotton “temple garments” to holy clothes worn in other religious faiths such as a Catholic nun’s habit or a Muslim skullcap.

The latest video dispels the notion that Latter-day Saints believe temple garments have special protective powers, a stereotype encouraged on the Internet and in popular culture by those who refer to the religious clothing as “magical Mormon underwear.”

“These words are not only inaccurate but also offensive to members,” the video says. “There is nothing magical about temple garments, and church members ask for the same degree of respect that would be afforded to any other faith by people of goodwill.”

While this is an interesting topic it should not be our focus when dealing with the Mormon Church and it’s members.

We should focus on issues like..

Who is Jesus: was he born because God the father had sexual relations with the virgin Marry as Mormons believe.

Is the Bible the word of God and can it be trusted in all matters or do we need to add to it with the Book of Mormon.

Are we saved by grace through faith in Christ or as the Mormon Church teaches must we do some kind of good works.

The truth is the Mormon Sect is not Christian but a cult. Their main doctrines go against what the word of God teaches.

What do you think.

Until next time,

I’m Billy David Dickson

Billy David Dickson All Rights Reserved, 2014
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Fear Not

Listen to the audio
powerful radio commentary on why us who are followers of Jesus should not be fearful or read the commentary below.

The craziness in our world should drive us to our knees, but not to fear. And that’s an order from our Captain. Stay tuned to BreakPoint.


On a recent broadcast, Shepard Smith of Fox News took to task what he called the “hysterical voices” that are spreading fear and panic over Ebola in the United States.

After telling viewers that “You should have no concerns about Ebola at all. None. I promise,” he added, “Fear not. Do not listen to the hysterical voices on the radio and the television or read the fear-provoking words online. The people who say and write hysterical things are being very irresponsible.”

“Fear not.” Now whether he was aware that he was quoting scripture or not, that’s what he was doing. God and His messengers uttered those words to God’s people at least eighty times in the Bible. In fact, by some estimates, “fear not” and variations such as “be not afraid” are the most often-repeated commands in all of Scripture.

That’s fitting because it also might be the most transgressed-against command, especially in modern life.

We all know the expression “sex sells.” But it’s also true that fear sells, especially among the middle-aged and the elderly. If you can stand it, try watching an afternoon worth of commercials and take note of how many of them appeal to fear and anxiety that we have over, well, everything: our health, our family’s future, our finances, and, especially in the run-up to the November elections, our national security, special interest groups and our very way of life.

And it isn’t only the ads: The reason for what Smith called the “hysterical voices” is that television networks and other media outlets know that fear and panic are good for business.

Now I’m not saying that there aren’t things in the world today to be concerned about—of course there are. Besides Ebola, we’ve got ISIS and the collapse of order in the Middle East, home-grown terrorism, the decay of decency, growing restrictions on religious liberty—and for some, simply putting food on the table.

But make no mistake, the media know that a frightened audience is one that will stay tuned-in for every scrap or morsel of news, no matter how fragmentary or out-of-context it might be.

I wish I could say that Christians are immune to this kind of fear and are innocent of the sin of fear-mongering. But we’re not. In fact, let me be honest with you: While we would never intentionally stoke fear among our listeners, one of the hardest things we do at BreakPoint is attempt to strike a balance between telling folks the unvarnished truth about the challenges that Christians face and avoiding giving them a reason to be fearful and to despair.

And on behalf of Eric and all of our team, at any of those times that we’ve failed to strike that balance, we apologize to you and we repent before God.

As Christians, we ought to know better than to fear, because we know how the story of the world—and our story—ends. It’s an ending beautifully summed up by Thomas Howard in his book, “Christ the Tiger.” In which he reminds us that our Lord announces that he “[makes] all things new” and does “what cannot be done.”

Here’s a passage from Howard’s book:

God “[restores] the years that the locusts and worms have eaten . . . the years you have drooped away upon your crutches and in your wheel-chair . . . the symphonies and operas which your deaf ears have never heard, and the snowy massif your blind eyes have never seen, and the freedom lost to you through plunder and the identity lost to you because of calumny and the failure of justice. . .”

And, in an awe-inspiring act of grace, God restores “the good which [our] own foolish mistakes have cheated [us] of.”

How do we know this is true? Because He raised his only-begotten Son from the dead. He destroyed sin and death, and in so doing, demonstrated, to quote Howard again, “the Love of which all other loves speak, the Love which is joy and beauty, and which you have sought in a thousand streets and for which you have wept and clawed your pillow.”

This is the Good News that not only overcomes fear, but for those who have heard it, it renders fear absurd.

One of the greatest gifts we can offer an increasingly-fearful world is to be hopeful, to proclaim the good news, and more importantly, to live as if it were true.

So, brothers and sisters, fear not. He has risen. Indeed.

Yesterday’s ( Monday ) Posts

Mayor of Houston is wrong but please no Bibles…
Omaha’s Creighton University to extend health benefits to same-sex spouses
Ohioan formerly held in North Korea attends church
Mormons admit founder had teen bride and other
Parents starting to balk at amount of Common Core testing



Mayor of Houston is wrong but please no Bibles…

Listen to the commentary
Or read it below.

I think there are times we should stand up to a wrong but we should do it in a proper way shouldn’t we.
The lesbian mayor of Houston, Texas, is going after local pastors who have spoken against homosexuality.
Mayor Annise Parker and two homosexual city council members pushed through a non-discrimination ordinance that protects homosexuals and lesbians. The proposed “bathroom bill” ordinance passed 11-6 in May despite vocal opposition by the Houston community, which was led by local churches and their pastors.
Alliance Defending Freedom is now reporting that the City of Houston, fighting a lawsuit related to the ordinance, is demanding that five pastors turn over sermon notes and private communications with church members.
My question for the leaders of Houston is do you believe in what the Bill of rights teaches about freedom of faith? It would appear you do not. We don’t live in the former Soviet Union do we?
Another thought I have on this issue I heard a radio commentary last week which encouraged people of faith to send Bibles to the Mayor of Houston. I am not against sending a Bible to anyone but a question we should ask before sending anyone a Bible is do we expect a nation or a leader who doesn’t follow the will of God in her own life to be changed just because someone sends her a Bible. Too often we try to change a non converted person’s idea on an issue by using things which they are not open to. Yes the mayor is wrong and we should let her know but looking at a Bible without the Holy Spirit doing a work in your soul will not produce any lasting fruit. God’s principals work even when we don’t acknowledge the source.
What do you think.
Until next time,
I’m Billy David Dickson

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Omaha’s Creighton University to extend health benefits to same-sex spouses

Creighton University will start allowing health benefits for legally married same-sex couples, the president said Monday in an email to trustees.

The Rev. Timothy Lannon said in the email that he made the decision “after much prayer and discernment” and over the objection of Archbishop George Lucas.

Lucas and a spokesman for the Archdiocese of Omaha couldn’t be reached by midday for comment.

“The extension of benefits is not a statement of approval of same sex marriages but rather an acknowledgement of our responsibility to serve the needs of faculty and staff who faithfully serve our students and patients every day,” Lannon said in the email.
( Billy’s thoughts – I wonder what faithful Catholic people who have supported this Catholic school think of this decision. Is Creighton only a Catholic school in name not in fact. Read more of the above story here. )


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