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Billy is a writer , Bible college student, radio show host, and youth worker. He has worked with young people for over ten years. His work includes teaching children youth in Bible studies, and Sunday School classes.
He currently does a radio show everyday at 6:19 E.T. on KCRO radio 660 A.M. in Omaha, Nebraska.

Church Leaders Need to Stop ‘Terrorizing’ Joel Osteen, Singer Carman Says in Defense of Megachurch Pastor

Popular recording artist Carman Licciardello recently spoke out in defense of Joel Osteen, whom he called “a God ordained bridge between the mainstream world and the church,” and called for Christian critics to stop “terrorizing” the successful megachurch pastor.
( Billy’s thoughts – I have some of Carman’s music but after this I will have trouble playing his songs. A word to Carman we are not talking about a miner issue like what kind of government your church has. We are talking about someone who has preached God wants you happy. The word teaches God wants us to be holy and that doesn’t mean everything that happens in your life will make us feel happy. Read more on what Carman said here. )

benghazi-cover-up its what-the-clintons-do-says-

The head of Judicial Watch isn’t surprised by a former State Department official’s allegation that Hillary Clinton’s aides secretly removed politically damaging documents related to the terrorist attack in Benghazi on September 11, 2012.
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CA high school makes Chick-fil-A fly the coup

After donating tens of thousands dollars to area schools, Chick-fil-A was banned from donating hundreds of meals to a booster club by a public high school in Southern California’s Ventura County because some parents might take offense to the franchise.

Ventura High School principal Val Wyatt voiced her objection to Chick-fil-A and her reasoning for the ban, which she announced just hours before the school’s football team fundraiser at a back-to-school event on Wednesday, September 10.

“With their political stance on gay rights and because the students of Ventura High School and their parents would be at the event, I didn’t want them on campus,” Wyatt told the Ventura County Star.

A loyal supporter of the Ventura Unified School District (VUSD) over the years, local Chick-fil-A franchise owner Robert Shaffer was staying true to his commitment to schools by offering to give Ventura High’s booster club 200 meals for its back-to-school event last week. Chick-fil-A was to receive no profit for the meals, which were intended to raise $1,600 for the football team.
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The NFL is against free speech

WASHINGTON (CBSDC) — Washington Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III was reportedly told by an NFL uniform inspector not to wear his “Know Jesus, Know Peace” t-shirt before Sunday’s postgame press conference.
Michael Phillips, the Redskins reporter for the Richmond Times-Dispatch, posted on Twitter that Griffin was told he couldn’t wear the t-shirt because it wasn’t a Nike product.
( Report: RGIII Told By NFL Not To Wear ‘Know Jesus, Know Peace’ Shirt For His Press Conference )

Yesterday’s ( Monday ) Posts

Dozens-of Christians-including-women-and children-arrested-in Saudi-Arabia-
‘Fun To Be a Hero': Girl Saves Family From Fire … Twice in One Day!
World’s tallest dog, from Michigan, dies at age 5


Dozens-of Christians-including-women-and children-arrested-in Saudi-Arabia-

Islamist police in Saudi Arabia have stormed a Christian prayer meeting and arrested its entire congregation, including women and children, and confiscated their bibles, it has been reported.
The raid was the latest incident of a swingeing crackdown on religious minorities in Saudi Arabia by the country’s hard-line Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice.
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‘Fun To Be a Hero': Girl Saves Family From Fire … Twice in One Day!

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World’s tallest dog, from Michigan, dies at age 5


The story is right here.

For once I agree with Bill Maher

BILL MAHER: I saw Howard Dean on TV the other day and he said something along the order, he said the people in ISIS — he said I’m about as Islamic as they are, you know, distancing the vast numbers of Islamic people around the world from them. That’s just not true.

CHARLIE ROSE: It is true.

MAHER: It is not true, Charlie. There is a connecting tissue between –

ROSE: Behind every Muslim is a future member of some radical?

MAHER: Let me finish.

ROSE: I was doing that.

MAHER: There are illiberal beliefs that are held by vast numbers of Muslim people that –

ROSE: A vast number of Christians too.

MAHER: No, that’s not true. Not true. Vast numbers of Christians do not believe that if you leave the Christian religion you should be killed for it. Vast numbers of Christians do not treat women as second class citizens. Vast numbers of Christians –
( Bill Maher ABSOLUTELY CRUSHES Charlie Rose For Comparing Islam To Christianity )


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